HOLIDAY CRAFT FAIRS: SOAP TO PLEASE now available at retail locations. Lucky Dutch cold press juices 2581 University, North Park
For special orders please contact us for a quote. make your unique scent! 1/2 batch is 12 bars - Full batch is 24 bars prices starting as low as $3.75/bar shipping and packaging extra 10 day manufacturing time - 3 week cure time. use for wedding parties, house guests, presents, party favors or just have your own personal yearly stash at your house. also, if you want to learn the cold process oil base soap making process, we can teach you. Classes are 4 hours and $75 per person. Classes are at our house so 1-4 people. We can teach you the process and a month later (after soap cures) each person gets 4 bars of the soap made in the class. It's a really good deal. Keep in mind, we are not the scientists, we just know how to make good soap and we will teach you that. Email us if you have questions.
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