420 OG is made with hemp oil which is derived from the seed of the marijuana plant.  There is no CBD or THC in this produce, just hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil has moisturising qualities that is easily absorbed in the skin. I use it in a variety of my soaps.  Hemp seed oil is also thought to sooth and heal dry skin.  Finely ground walnut shells have been added for their exfoliating qualities.  Other oils include, palm kernel oil (RSPO), coconut oil, olive oil, and sweet almond oil.  All cold process soaps are made with sodium hydroxide, which is lye.   This bar is scented with a tobacco, bay leave and amber fragrance oil and bergamot essential oil. Olive leave powder was added for color.  Try it you will like it!!  


All bars are approximately 4 oz.  This is handmade soap, size, weight and color of all soaps may vary.

420 OG